Alberto’s Dining Room

Alberto’s pizzeria and dining room are perfect for those who love the smell of freshly baked pizza and the exchange of good stories. It’s a place where every bite of a delicious pizza shared among friends amplifies the laughter, strengthens the bond, and creates unforgettable moments filled with joy and contentment. Whether it’s the warmth of the oven-baked crust, the cheesy goodness, or the camaraderie around the table, eating a good pizza with friends here evokes a feeling of pure comfort and blissful camaraderie.

The room has around 30 seats and has its own exit to Rosa’s backyard.

Do you want to book the entire room? 


Alberto is our proficient pizza chef, shaped by his interests in music and culinary arts. He was in a bad car accident as a teen, which makes him dependent on his canes. However, that won’t stop him if you invite him to the dance floor! He’s also traveled a lot in his time, and he still collects memories from those days. Read some of his love letters to Gianna on the wall and put one up yourself while you’re at it.

Today, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, cherishing his role as a husband to Gianna and a proud nonno. Like “nonna”, the significance of “nonno” in Italian families are highly valued and respected. Alberto serves as a role model for the younger generation in the family, advocating values such as respect, kindness, and resilience. And he will ensure that every guest gets a slice of heaven! So, if you’re hungry for a real Italian pizza, make sure to visit Alberto in the dining room. He’ll be waiting for you!