Gianna’s Kitchen

Gianna’s (Nonna’s) kitchen is filled with memories, recipes, pasta and delicious food. As one of the village’s best pasta chefs, Gianna has perfected her cooking over the years, hosted her guests, and supported her family. Here you feel at home.

Nonna’s kitchen can accommodate 40 guests.

Do you want to book the entire room? 


Our beloved Gianna is a true culinary enthusiast! She is married to Alberto, and they have two children, Rosa and Marco. With a deep passion for cooking, Gianna takes pride in preparing delicious pasta meals for her entire family. While cooking, she usually listens to her favorite artists Natalino Otto and The Beatles. When she’s not deep diving in her Italian soap opera, of course.

In addition to her love for cooking, Gianna thoroughly enjoys her role as the nonna in the family. The term “nonna” translates to “grandmother” and is deeply rooted in Italian tradition and family dynamics. They often are seen as the guardians of values and wisdom passed down through generations. Gianna gladly welcomes you into her kitchen to try some of her delicious pasta!