Giovanni’s Library

Welcome to Giovanni’s haven – the son-in-law and eternal wine enthusiast. In his library, there’s no obligation to eat; here, you can savor Italy’s grapes in good company for as long as you desire. And should you feel hungry, feel free to order something delicious from the kitchen.

Giovanni’s library and wine bar have a capacity of 40 people, making it perfect for small gatherings, wine tastings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and a stop before or after dinner.

Do you want to book the entire room? 


Giovanni, Rosa’s beloved husband, is a well-respected history teacher. You can explore his personal library, while enjoying his delicious Bolognese dishes, cooked with love and care. Both music and history became two great joys in Giovanni’s life early. Already at the age of 16, he landed a part-time job at the museum where his mother used to work. He worked there until he began his studies six years later. At that point, he decided to study history at John Cabot University in Rome and enjoyed immensely.

He’s currently writing a book of the family’s history, using a classic, old-school typewriter. It will be available sometime in the future. As a beloved, regular guest, maybe you will be included in it?