Maria & Marco’s Penthouse

With inspiration from Milan, Rome, Melbourne, and New York. Marco and Maria have been everywhere, which is evident in their fashionable, modern, and flexible little penthouse. With pop-up art exhibitions, opportunities for conferences and larger events, direct access to the rooftop terrace, and movable furnishings, this versatile room is perfect for any occasion accommodating up to 100 guests.

The venue has a capacity for 150 people standing and 100 people seated.

Do you want to book the entire room? 

Marco og Maria

Marco and Maria first met in 2019 during Milan Fashion Week and their connection was immediate. Marco’s passions encompass fashion, crypto, travel and surfing, and he is constantly engaged in exciting new projects, including the family trattoria. Maria finds herself captivated by these very same interests, with modeling having played a substantial role in her life from a young age. Although Marco is an entrepreneur, he tends to forget stuff, causing Maria to leave little notes for him all around the house. See if you can find them.

Together they run a lot of things here at Casa Pisano, from project managing the restoration and renovation, to Casa Pisano’s official Instagram account, where they share the restaurant’s magic with the rest of the world. Get a sense of their classy taste and big-city-inspirations in the penthouse section upstairs!