Rosa’s Backyard

In the heart of Casa Pisano, nestled behind old stone walls, lies Rosa’s backyard. This cozy indoor backyard is filled with passion, craftsmanship, and an appreciation for life’s simple pleasures. It invites you to indulge in heartfelt conversations, and immerse yourself in the timeless artistry that defines the Italian way of life.

Rosa’s backyard can accommodate 22 guests.

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Rosa, Marco’s sister, is happily married to Giovanni. Together they have three children, Stefano and the twin daughters, Sofia and Stella. Rosa often immerses herself in her vivid imagination, and her creativity knows no bounds. She moved into Casa Pisano in 2017, bringing a lively and positive energy to the extended family. Although she tends to get frustrated when Valentina leaves her Vespa in the backyard, while Rosa’s hanging up the laundry.

Her interests lie in both drawing and playing the saxophone, to the extent that she actively participates in a local jazz band, thanks to Valentina and her encouragement. If you visit her in the backyard, you might hear some of her soothing musical aspirations while getting yourself immersed in her delicious cooking. The backyard’s atmosphere is like none other!