Sofia & Stella’s Room

Welcome to our cozy private room, influenced by the playful nature of seven-year-old twins, Sofia and Stella. This space is full of fun and bright pink colors, reflecting their lively personalities. It’s perfect for smaller groups of up to 40 people. The room has a joyful vibe that makes it a great place to gather and celebrate, adding a touch of happiness and warmth to any event.

With 40 seats, both adults and children can enjoy themselves.

Do you want to book the entire room? 

Sofia og Stella

The 7-year-old twins have a fondness for pink, ice cream, and keeping their parents occupied, one might say. When they’re not running around in the kitchen or enjoying outdoor adventures in the backyard, you’ll likely find them engaged in coloring or watching TV. Most of their children’s books are gifted from a Norwegian family that’s had a close relationship with the Pisano’s for a while.

They love playing with other kids! So why not bring your entire family and take them to Sofia and Stella’s beautiful pink bedroom, where your kids can draw while you enjoy your delicious Italian dinner? They welcome you to their magic castle! However, you must be prepared for their mischievous sense of humor and practical jokes.