Stefano’s Bedroom

Stefano has one of the finest boys’ rooms we have seen, not only because of its size but also due to his expertise and taste in interior design and smart solutions. It’s a perfect space for parties, as well as cozy dates and after-work gatherings.

The venue can accommodate up to 60 people.

Do you want to book the entire room? 


Stefano, a unique 21-year-old, is studying to become a design architect. His room at Casa Pisano reflects his artistic sensibilities, with beautiful furniture and captivating wall details. His creative energy seems boundless, and he engages in a ton of activities. He designs furniture together with a co-student. He even runs Casa Pisano’s TikTok account where he joyfully experiments with some of nonna’s tasty recipes.

If you enjoy cozy and flexible spaces, don’t miss the chance to visit him in his bedroom. He would love for you to sit down, have something to drink or eat, while he designs his next masterpiece. Maybe the very chair you’re sitting on is his work?