Valentina’s Rooftop

At the top of Casa Pisano, you’ll discover Aunt Valentina’s fantastic rooftop terrace. This hidden gem of an outdoor space reflects Valentina’s deep love for the Italian summer, offering refreshing drinks and (almost always) sun and warmth. The rooftop terrace remains open during the summer months, featuring its own bar and Italian charm.

The rooftop terrace has 65 seats and its own bar.

Do you want to book the entire room? 


Valentina’s world is painted with vibrant hues. She loves her family deeply and always brings a lot of love and laughter when they are together. She spends her days tending to her cherished plants, as well as painting. She has painted all these wonderful family portraits hanging around the house.

During her youth, she was often out at parties and known as a cheerful girl. She could never sit still; whenever there was music, she had to get up and dance, laughing at everything. Make sure you visit her beautiful rooftop garden and treat yourself with a tasty Margarita while you’re there!